Who’s the Boss?

« Mangia ! »

As a child, I was lulled by the love of cooking and good eating. For as long as I can remember, cooking has always been a daily passion thanks to the family recipes inherited from my Calabrian Nonna and the traditional French recipes learned by my Mom in books and cooking magazines. At the table, on Sundays, it was pasta al forno or sauerkraut and madeleines (already 😉 for the afternoon snack. Long live Lorraine!), crêpes, donuts or homemade foccaccia with olive oil.

The most used word in the Galatà family: « Mangia !»

Mini Boss, small problem, big creativity

Sophia, the future mini-Boss in chief, became intolerant to gluten and lactose at a very young age but still had a very strong sweet tooth (I wonder who she gets that from!). In a family where cooking was a religion, I couldn’t imagine resorting to preparing tasteless and shapeless pastries for her. In short, pastries void of all pleasure!

Very quickly, a revised madeleine made its way into the snack box of the intolerant little girl. The recipe called for quality ingredients that were naturally free of gluten and lactose and low on sugar. To my great surprise, all of her schoolmates started requesting the same snack, “Sophia’s gluten-free Madeleine”, without even knowing what “gluten-free” meant. And why? “Well, because it was soooooo goood!”. There is a French saying: the truth always comes from the mouth of innocent children!!!

With or without gluten and lactose wasn’t the point, what I wanted was that it tasted good and possibly even better than a classic pastry.

Paris – Lausanne

One internship followed by another one at the Ferrandi Paris School, and I resigned from my big corporate job to follow my dream: prepare and obtain my pastry chef diploma. My goal: to master the classics of pastry to be able to innovate and create a “slow” pastry, that everyone could eat guilt-free.
The meanders of life take me to Lausanne. I quickly fall in love with my new land of welcome, particularly with the beauty and richness of its “terroir”.

After 10 months of experimentation to find the recipe of the current madeleine, Maison Galatà SARL is born. Very quickly the Atelier of Maison Galatà in La Sarraz (canton of Vaud-Switzerland) opens its doors to offer a unique experience: the tasting of a madeleine that just came out of the oven.

The revised madeleine becomes THE BOSS*!

You are not born a Boss,
you become one!

The Boss is also an entrepreneurial adventure with one motto: Dare without limit!

Dare to change career paths at 40, start from scratch in a new country, break the codes of traditional pastry by offering something different, innovate, overcome your fears, start your own business, be proud of what you have accomplished, be ambitious, speak up, try, make mistakes but keep going, always learn, to be oneself, to allow oneself to not be perfect, to share one’s passion, to change the world with a madeleine, to believe that everything is possible …

The Boss is as real as it gets, joyful, authentic, committed, generous, passionate, sensitive, positive, and perfectly imperfect.

The Boss’ adventure has only just begun and continues to write itself every single day thanks to all the sweet tooths who trust her.

So, do you want to be a part of this adventure? 
Chief Boss Officer

High quality raw ingredients

Unique recipe

Made with love in Switzerland

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